How to Express Your Unique Personality Through Style

A chunky statement necklace, a bright color scheme, the continuous wear of dresses—it is no surprise that each piece of an outfit solely reflect your personal style and all of the genuine uniqueness of your personality. It’s been said for decades that the best way to express ourselves and our personalities and emotions is through fashion, and this continuously proves to be true. The most important part of expressing yourself through fashion is knowing the right way to present certain pieces and the appropriate timing to display these charismatic pieces.

Start with accessories

The key to dressing to express your own personal style and personality is to know when to pick subtle clothing options and when to play it up completely. For example, if you are in a more professional atmosphere and you have a very humorous and fun personality, wearing an inappropriate graphic tee with you work attire is probably not the best way to show off your fun, happy-go-lucky attitude. In these scenarios, the best way to express your self is through simple accessories.

A fun watch or scarf is the best way to flaunt your joyful spirit. The company Swatch Watch makes really affordable watches in bright, fun prints—perfect for the fun, comic girl at the office. The weekends and other days off are the perfect opportunity to flaunt your comic apparel in style.

Wear items that are “you”

Typically, it is very simple to dress according to your personality. You typically pick out things that you like and that reflect your personal preferences and lifestyle. Colors are a great way to display your personality and even how you are feeling. Extroverts and those with bold personalities tend to veer towards bright colors and patterns to reflect their personality and individual style. People with laid-back mentalities stick to basics and neutrals—both are casual and easy-going pieces.

Look to style icons for inspiration

Think of a celebrity or fashion icon you admire. Use style tips and their pictures for inspiration to put together outfits that help best reflect who you are as a person and how you want to be perceived.  A lot of people choose to mimic and recreate the classic, feminine looks of Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy. Both Jackie and Audrey are iconic influences in the fashion industry, and both dressed in a way that is timeless and never will go out of style.

When choosing certain pieces to create an outfit, always remember that the way you dress and present yourself is how you want the rest of the world to perceive you. Simple accessorizing is sometimes all that is necessary to reflect your personality when in the workplace, but any other time, the world is your fashion playground. So dress to best express who you are, and know to what extent you need display this unique personality. Don’t stray away from experimenting with looks and mixing up colors and patterns. There is no wrong way to do fashion—it is a beautiful, ever-changing aspect of the world that has no rights and no wrongs.

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Dress to Make You Feel Your Best—How Your Outfits Affect Self-Esteem

Trends come and go—but style is forever. Some people jump on the trendy train and wear out seasonal prints, patterns, and cuts, while others stick to the classics. Whatever your choice may be, always do what makes you comfortable and happy. Truth is, everything you put on your body completely affects your self-esteem. You may wear the same suit all the time because it has good “coverage” of your body, but it may be making you look frumpy. It is extremely important to know how to dress to love yourself and your body. Here are five tips to dressing with confidence.

Comfort always trumps cute

No matter how cute a pair of stilettos or how hot a dress looks, if it’s not comfortable do not wear it or purchase it. You have to be 110% comfortable in your clothes. If you are wearing an itchy sweater or painful stilettos, chances are, it’s going to reflect in your facial expressions and comments all day. There is such thing as cute and comfortable, I promise.

Are you wearing the right size?

The problem with the majority of our wardrobe is that we are not truly buying the right size or getting things altered to fit us perfectly. People buy pants one size too small in hopes of losing weight, or we buy pants a size too big to give us a little more room. Stop doing that. Get your measurements. Find your right size. Find a great tailor. You’d be amazed at how much confidence you have in yourself whenever you are wearing things that fit beautifully.

Colors cure all

We often find ourselves in a color rut—we only stick to neutrals or even black. While black and neutrals are always chic color combos to run to, a pop of color here and there is a great way to make you stand out and feel great in your outfit.

Research the perfect wardrobe

Seriously—read fashion magazines or blogs. A sure way of raising your self-esteem is being aware of what’s in style and the latest trends and wearing them like a boss. Knowing these trends can open up a whole new horizon of outfit options. For example, taboo color combinations like navy and black are in style to be worn together!

Don’t succumb to every trend

Yes, research these trends and get outfit inspiration, but don’t even try it if it makes you feel uncomfortable or question whether this look works for you. The whole point is dressing to make you feel good about yourself, not to make you question “what am I even wearing?”

Finding your own style is like figuring out your own personal trademark. Regardless, the most important thing is that you feel good about yourself in whatever you are wearing. Always be aware of what you can pull off and what we should just leave to the Kardashians to wear. No matter what, dress to impress yourself first, and wear what makes you beautiful.

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Five Discontinued Dresses From the 6126 Label I Wish I Could Still Buy

While Lindsay Lohan is known more for her bad behavior and somewhat for her prominent movie roles, she also had another talent and passion for design. In all of Lohan’s many public appearances she has made, it has always been known that she has a great sense of style. This sense of style lead Lohan to start a fashion label of her own.

The collection, born in 2008, was named 6126 to represent Marilyn Monroe’s birthday of June 1, 1926. Monroe was one of Lohan’s style icons. The 6126 collection featured luxury leggings, jackets, tops, and had future plans for handbags and shoes. The dresses, however, were much to lust over. There are five discontinued dresses from this brand that I wish I could still buy.

The “Norma” Dress


The Norma Dress from the 6126 Collection

The Norma dress is a flashy, glamorous dress that is the perfect party piece. This fun, fitted dress features sequins that fall in an interesting pattern and it looks great with any skin tone. Put a pair of heels with this outfit and a simple clutch and you’re ready for any party or special occasion.  Image found at

The Black “Rebecca” Dress


This dress can thankfully still be bought at some boutiques

Everyone needs a little black dress in their closet, and I personally love this black Rebecca dress by the 6126 collection. This fitted halter dress is a great dress that makes a great foundation for any outfit. Layer a blazer over this and add some heels and you’ll have yourself a fierce look for any occasion. This dress can still be found at the women’s online boutique

The Leather/Chiffon Combo

The perfect party dress!

The perfect party dress!

This dress is my favorite 6126 dress. It features a mesh and leather  top half, paired with a feminine, layered chiffon lower half. This is also the perfect party and special occasion dress. This dress was actually found but sold out on Poshmark, a website where users can sell items out of their own closets.

The One-Shoulder Bandage Dress

one shoulder

Unique and trendy!

This basic, black bandage dress is another one of my must-haves from this collection. I love this one because it is a one-shoulder dress, which is extremely unique and makes it so much fun to accessorize. This dress was also found, but sold out at

The Red Bomber Dress

For the classic sexy, red bombshell look

For the classic sexy, red bombshell look

This dress, modeled by Lohan’s younger sister, Ali Lohan, is another dress from this collection I wish I could still have. A red dress is also an essential everyone needs to have in their closet. This dress was featured on the famous blog

These five dresses from he 6126 label by Lindsay Lohan were all classic, timeless pieces that are must-haves for the wardrobes of women everywhere. Unfortunately, this brands continuation and future plans are unknown. However, the silver lining is that some pieces of her collection can still be found on websites such as and, both prominent women’s fashion sellers online. Outside of these gorgeous dresses, the brand also has a phenomenal line of leggings and luxurious tops that everyone needs to try. There was said plans of Lohan to begin a spin-off line of 6126, but these plans are not definite.

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How the Right Job Can Fund Your Next Shopping Spree

As a shopaholic, there’s nothing more fun than postponing a trip to the mall because of an empty bank account. If you find that you’re often unable to treat yourself to a new outfit, you may want to consider switching jobs.

One of the most lucrative fields to get a job in today is the medical field. Scrubs don’t look sexy, but the pay is pretty good! Most women are naturally caring, empathetic people, which makes medical careers a perfect fit for them.

Have you considered giving a medical career a shot? It’s quick to get your feet wet. You can go through courses on for entry level healthcare jobs within weeks.


phlebotomy training

Medical careers are one of the most lucrative positions today!

Here’s a few more hospital positions you may be interested.

  • Physician – The Doctor. He’s been highly educated and trained. Acquired a state license to practice medicine
  • Physician’s Assistant or PA: Provides patient services from physicals to surgery. Works under the supervision of the doctor. A PA is also highly educated, but only takes two years of training after college. Licensed by the state.
  • Nurse Practitioner or NP: A registered nurse with a high level of education. Usually a Master’s and advanced education in a specialty. Can practice independently in some settings.
  • Registered Nurse or RN: A nurse who graduated from an accredited nursing program. Licensed by the state after passing an exam.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN: A nurse who graduated from an accredited school. Passed a state exam for license. LPN programs are usually only one year in length.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA: An unlicensed nursing staff member. Assists with basic care like giving baths, bed making, and checking vitals. Passed a training course with classroom instruction. A nursing assistant may have also taken a certification exam, but that depends on the state.
  • Anesthesiologist – A physician that specializes in putting patients to sleep. Has a medical degree, board certified, and licensed.
  • Pharmacist – A physician that specializes in prescribing medications. Licensed by the state. Training is a two year program after college in pharmacology.
  • Respiratory Therapist: A licensed professional that trains someone in respiratory care. Works under direction of the physician to treat people who have trouble breathing
  • Phlebotomist – A medical professional trained to draw blood and take it to the lab for testing. Can have a certification, but not required by most states. Certification requires formal classroom training and live blood draws.

Just check out this interview to see how quickly you can become a phlebotomist. A finance guy turned to a medical career within months!

Having a job is one of the first steps you should take if you’re interested in fashion. We don’t exactly need to break the bank to buy our clothes, but we do need good clothes to work with!

If you’ve found your wardrobe is a bit on the frumpy side, then consider making a career switch! Your bank account and your self-confidence will thank you!

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How to Get in Bikini Shape for the Summer

Summer is almost here! We already see a hint that the sun will appear again. While waiting for that time to come, we can certainly take the opportunity to enjoy a regime which will give us that utmost confidence and self-esteem knowing that we have done our best to look good during our favorite season of the year.

Of course, we have everything ready. A good piece of swimming attire is already at bay. All clothes and dresses are neatly piled up, waiting for a pick-up call when the heat finally gets in. However, more to the choice of dresses, accessories, as well as tanning lotions, we also need to give importance to the way we would look. This article will highlight tips on how to get in bikini shape for the summer.

Getting into Shape

One good way, and by far, the surest way to get into the shape that you want is to create a good routine for exercise and religiously sticking to it. Working out, no doubt, can do wonders to boost up your confidence, thus giving you that self-esteem while you bathe under the sun, or perhaps catch some sun rays in a park.

Plotting a good exercise routine may be difficult during busy days. However, even if you only workout even just for fifteen minutes, as long as it is regular, you can definitely see positive signs of improvement. It is also a good idea to include push ups as a standard feature of your regime, as they have an impact on how you use your overall body – abs, arms, back, chest, and legs. All these body parts are put into strain. Swimming is another way to exercise your entire body. Therefore, even though summer is not yet officially here, you can enjoy having workouts in indoor swimming pools.

Another way to make sure that you are on your way to have a good shape for the summer is by choosing yummy, healthy chilli ideas for your dishes. Chili is known for its effect in burning fat. By incorporating this spice in your dishes, you do not only get recipes to get you in bikini shape, but also food that can satisfy your palate. Eat fruits and vegetables every day, and choose them over junk foods.

Enhancing your diet daily is a boost on your way to having a good shape which is perfect for summer. Coupled with a good workout routine, you are definitely on your way to a firmer and fitter you. Do not forget to hydrate yourself well even before the summer season starts. Wear well fitted trousers so that as early as now, you will have the idea when to stop eating, that is, as soon as your tummy pushes out against your waist line

Remember the secrets – consistency and increasing your general routine. Add some more activities to your daily routine, and make sure that you do it regularly. Soon you will have that firm body, perfect and ready for summer!

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Moisturize the Right Way for Gorgeous Hair

When it comes to leaving in conditioner, many people are still confused as to what the benefits may be, if any, and how to go about the process. Let’s try to break it down. There are two main types of conditioner:

  • Rinse-out conditioners - These conditioners are designed for washing your hair. They contain mostly surfactants and oils and are thus heavy on your hair.
  • Leave-in conditioners - These conditioners are designed to be left in your hair. They contain mostly glycerine which is much lighter on your hair.

Leave-in conditioners are designed to be left in the hair. They help keep your hair moisturised and healthy. You can purchase these in the hair section of any beauty store and most convenient stores. They provide detailed instructions on the packaging to ensure optimal results. So, these are pretty self explanatory and offer amazing benefits for people with all hair types. This is because it promotes shiny, silky hair and prevents damage and breakage. This is especially useful when trying to grow your hair long.

Using a rinse-out conditioner as a moisturiser for your hair is also possible. You may want to try this when you have run out of the leave-in product, or because the leave-in products tend to be a bit pricier.

Here are some tips when going about leaving a normal conditioner in your hair:

  • When you wash your hair, ensure that you rinse out all of the conditioner! Never try to leave the conditioner in your hair while washing as this will lead to itchiness, dandruff and worse! You can read more about the dangers of this in this guide on leave in conditioner here. 
  • Try not to use a conditioner which is mostly made up of silicone. Check the ingredients to be sure. (Note that ingredients are usually listed in order of highest percentage of the product to lowest percentage of the product.) Silicone is so heavy on your hair that it will cause your hair to look extremely dull if you have not washed it out thoroughly.
  •  Don’t put the conditioner on your scalp. Your scalp will react negatively to the conditioner if you do not wash it out. Put the conditioner on the ends of your hair, as these are the areas that are susceptible to dryness.

If you have followed the above steps, then there is no harm in leaving in an ordinary conditioner. In fact, the benefits for people with dry hair will outweigh any negatives.

If you choose to experiment with leaving rinse out products in your hair, be mindful that you may experience increased skin irritation.For people with dry hair and people with moist hair, remember it is best to try to wash your hair at the end of the day to ensure that your hair does not react negatively to any of the chemicals if you leave it in your hair too long.

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